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Welcome to the Journey of Life!

If you're looking to transform into a better version of yourself through sobriety, then welcome to Journey of Life where we know long-lasting sobriety is possible.

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We Embrace Your Past to Align Your Future!

It's been long said that the "caterpillar is born to crawl, but it is reborn to fly." And with people, we are like the seemingly lowly caterpillar who must find it's true beauty from within through the process of transformation and rebirth.

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Journey of Life is committed to providing individualized and judgement free behavioral health services. We give our clients the tools needed to be reborn into the next stage of this journey we call life!

Our Programs

Our targeted, comprehensive programing and services are tailored to meet clients where they are in their sobriety, and process of transformation.

Our Team

Our Team is professionally trained to address the core of addiction, guide clients through the healing process, and support them along each stage of transformation.

Our Results

We stand strong in addressing the whole person, so each journey is individualized to meet the needs of obtaining and sustaining long term sobriety.

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